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A Little About Us

Our names are Angela, Craig and Joe. Were a young travelling family. We love to travel, and we love to share our experiences with you. Our obsession started many years ago when we realised home wasn’t home, in St Ives Cornwall. After many discussions, thoughts and many many trips abroad, we decided to start this blog, and continue to travel as much as possible, showcasing our adventures along the way through social platforms.

When we’re not travelling, were saving hard for our next adventure. Our son who is 13 has many many places in mind for us to visit. He is always researching destinations for us to travel too and making lists of foods he wants to try. It’s amazing to travel with a child, it is such a delight to watch him learn by interacting with new cultures and have an open mind when travelling to different countries.

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Sometimes, a map is laid out and then pinned with our eyes closed, this is how we ended up travelling to Asia, Spain, France, Ireland and all of the Canary Islands. Once on our travels, we like to share insights into culture, food and lifestyle as much as possible with our readers. We work hard, pin and go! Wherever that pinpoints to, were off! Exciting hey.

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So, here we would like to give you some Travel Lobsters statistics and valuable information about our audience insights, where we expand out to and most importantly our engagement rate. If you follow our channels already, you will see that we grow week by week on all of our social media platforms.

Since it’s been a year we started our family travel blog, we would like to share all of this information with you. After all, we have worked hard from day one and will continue to work hard, making sure Travel Lobsters is known worldwide by providing great travel information to others who would like it.

We would also like to take this opportunity in mentioning we also run a Design and Media Business alongside Travel Lobsters, we have more information below for you on our second business or check it out here for yourselves, see what we can offer you.


We are and would be thrilled to collaborate with more brands, products and services that fit with our audience as well as ourselves. We started Travel Lobsters in 2017, and we proudly maintain a positive and interactive relationship with our audience that fosters trust, friendship and inclusivity.

Doing so has allowed us to develop a loyal following that relies on us for advice, tips, recommendations, reviews, inspiration, motivation and entertainment. Partnering with us will enable you to get your name in front of thousands of new clients.

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Our Audience Insight:

Travel Lobsters is seen in 35 countries worldwide. The biggest audiences are Spain: 54% UK: 39% and the audience gender is: 51% male 48% female.

The breakdown of our audience is 18-34 years: 61% 35-54 years: 28% 55+ years: 11% being social media.

Our social media presence on Twitter reaches an audience of 63.3K impressions over a 28 day period. Our Facebook reach in 28 days is 50,321 and our Instagram reach is 4697. YouTube has 20 videos and has had overall lifetime views of 6151, over 7 days, and 22 hrs of watch time.

Our website each month reaches a total of 10,000 views, which were extremely proud of. We are also proud of the fact, our audience returns regularly to read more and more of our adventures. We have been approached by very well known companies since starting out such as Jet2, Bloggers Connected, World Nomads and we are a brand ambassador for Fireworks, a new social video platform via an app. We also got awarded a sunshine award, which we thought was fab.

A partnership can help put your brand in front of multiple audiences across various platforms. Our social media channels have a following of Instagram: 4,200, Twitter: 1,800, Facebook: 170 and LinkedIn 323.

Where We Come In

If you are interested in reaching a broad base of fans, independent travellers, nurses, mature students, travel bloggers, and fitness enthusiasts, we will be a good fit for your brand.

Collaborations available include, but are not limited to Product and travel reviews, hotels, tour companies, gadgets, travel packages, trip, region, marketing, design, videography, airlines and restaurants.

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We enjoy researching and experiencing everything related to the travel industry. We provide professional photos, videography and marketing advice. We are able to work with brands in many different ways, with many ideas, regarding there brand. we are not limited to what we can offer.

Design Business Leoni Designs

Social media can swallow up hours in the blink of an eye. Let us help free up some of your time by helping you grow your brand on your favourite social media platforms? Deliver graphic designs that you need for your new website? Writer – Like my writing style? Want us to write for your website? Maybe you need help with social media? digital content? Whatever you need, we are here.

If you have an idea that is not listed here, we are always open to discuss new ideas and partnerships. We would love to learn more about your brand and learn how we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you feel like we would be a good fit, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email, or click on the contact form within our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We have our media kit waiting for you if you would like to see it.


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