Why You Should Experience A 5* Hotel At Least Once


Why You Should Experience A 5* Hotel At Least Once

The idea of a five-star hotel is nice but it’s not on the agenda. With a family and kids to provide for, it’s not the most affordable accommodation on offer. And, while you want to have a good time, you can’t blow your budget before you’ve even landed on the tarmac.

So, five-star hotels are generally reserved for the rich, famous, and the rich and famous. You don’t like the idea of splashing the cash to break the monopoly, yet you should at some point in your life. As well as getting to experience how the other half lives, here are the perks.

The Amenities

And this isn’t only a reference to the free bath salts and complimentary flip-flops. At a five-star joint, the guests are liable for all kinds of upsides that you may not even understand at first. Firstly, there is a pick-up service from the airport to the hotel. Some even give you a lift from your home to the airport on your outbound journey.

Also, there are links to amazing activities. If you prefer to drive yourself, the desk staff will hire a luxurious rental car for you and use their contacts to through in free stuff. Oh, and the best gift of all: the service. It takes care of all your needs.


Sometimes, a cheap holiday doesn’t pan out the way you planned. After a review, you realise the location is a little dodgy and you’re worried about your safety. There have been incidents and you want to avoid them like the plague.

A hotel is the best place to seek refuge, especially a reputable organisation. To protect their guests, there is extra security in place from high definition cameras to highly-trained guards. Also, there are protocols in place to stop unwelcome guests from entering the premise.

Your Health

A holiday isn’t an excuse to lounge about and do nothing. Okay, it’s the perfect alibi but it doesn’t mean you should let your good work go down the drain. Back home, you’ll have to work doubly hard to lose the weight and get back into shape. Plus, your sleeping patterns will be out of whack and you’ll feel constantly tired.

Five-star hotels have you covered. Not only are the beds orthopaedic, but they have shut-out blinds too. And, there is a gym and a pool or you to exercise and cool down afterwards so you don’t have to deal with two weeks of inactivity.

The Price

While they never seem affordable, they aren’t always out of the average person’s price range. Like all establishments, the cost drops at certain times of the year depending on the levels of demand.

Sometimes, there are error bookings or rooms they want to flog at the best possible price. There’s no need to break the bank – you can experience five-star opulence at a discounted rate if you are on the ball. Check out these tips for more info.

Why should you experience a five-star hotel at least once? It’s because everything is worth trying at least once.



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