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Why Peru is the best destination for adventure-junkies

One of the most popular tourist spots in Latin America, the Andean country of Peru, has a lot more to offer to the tourists than the famous Machu Picchu. Offering a wide plethora of activities, from exciting hiking opportunities to thrilling watersports, Peru is a one-of-its-kind adventure travel destination! Read on to know more about why Peru is the best destination for adventure junkies-

1. Hiking

The world-renowned hiking trail, the Inca trail, which takes you to the ruins of Macchu Pichu after 4 exhilarating days of hiking, is the most preferred adventure activity in Peru. A recommended experience by every trip planner, this hiking trail is a must on the list of things to do in Peru! Apart from this, there are numerous other treks in this country bequeathing you with spectacular scenery and challenging walks which are sure to entice the adventure lover in you.

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2. Mountain Biking

Well-known for the several paved and single-track biking routes, the Cuzco region in Peru is perfect for a mountain biking trip. With several private tour operators organizing a multitude of biking trips of flexible duration and varying levels of expertise, you should not miss out on this exciting activity when in Peru!

3. Dune Buggying and Sandboarding

Whenever your plan you vacation to Peru, do not forget to include a buggy tour in your travel itinerary! One of the most stimulating activities, this one is perfect for people of all age groups. The Huacachina region located to the south of Lima is especially famous for sandboarding and dune buggying. The sand boards can be rented for a nominal fee here and so, this one is a pocket-friendly adventure.

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4. Paragliding

The Andes Mountain range provides people with ample number of paragliding opportunities in Peru. The experience of gliding down from the peaks while admiring the breathtaking mountain scenery is bound to give you an adrenaline rush like no other!

5. Rafting

Thanks to the plentiful of fast-flowing, rocky rivers, Peru is blessed with a plethora of rafting spots which are sure to impress the adventure-buffs. The Urubamba River, the Apurimac River and the Cotahuasi River are especially considered to be the best for rafting. With gentle rapids giving way to moderate and rough ones, Peru promises you with a memorable rafting experience!

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Pull up your socks, pack your bags and off you go to this land of exciting adventure activities! Wish you an exhilarating time!

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