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Fuerteventura is one of my favourite places to visit, I must have been to this island a dozen times, the first was when I was sixteen, there is something very special about this place that just feels like home, I will always keep a spot in my heart for Fuerteventura.

There are many things I love but I particularly love the road that takes you straight into Corralejo, it is almost like you’re travelling to heaven with the picturesque views on both sides of you, just what you need to see after flying here for four hours, most definitely easy on the eyes.

Fuerteventura is the second largest of Spain’s Canary Islands. It sits in the Atlantic Ocean 100 km off the north coast of Africa. This spectacular place offers pure white beaches, volcanic adventures and nearly all year round sun.

If you’re like me then the latter will surely convince you to holiday on this island no matter what the month is, although bear in mind that this is a windy island, you may want to invest in a good pair of shades to stop the sand from clogging up your eyes whilst strolling along the extremely long sand dunes that stretch on for miles with no interruptions from anyone.

If you are into your water sports then this is the place for you, you can take full advantage of the wind whilst surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, as for the kids what’s not to love, beaches for miles, clear water where you can splash around for hours, ice cream on tap, and lots of shops to grab a toy if they get restless when the sun becomes too much.

This beautiful island is also full of splendour when it comes to Canarian cuisine, you will not need to venture too far until you stumble upon something quaint, offering mouth-watering deliciousness.

The menu I am sure will be quite extensive no matter where you dine, the Spanish sure know how to tantalize our tastes buds.

Whether you are a seafood addict or prefer to go with an 18oz T bone steak, rest assured you will have many side dishes to compliment your meal. And not let’s forget the wine, definitely view the generous wine list all Spanish restaurants have to offer to add to your perfect dining out experience.

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I found when we dine out especially with a young boy, it is a good idea to order a few sharing plates, kids love to pick a little from each dish, prawns and squid are always a favourite with us.

On our visit to the Asia Garden in Corralejo, we opted for the set meal for four even though there were only three of us, I must stress we were not ready for what we had delivered to the table, dish after dish after dish, tasty succulent Sesame ribs drizzled in BBQ sauce with lemon chicken that melted in your mouth with an explosion of zingy lemon sauce.

The rice had a slight fragrance of thyme, which was delicious. Maybe it would be a good idea to ask for a goody bag, so we could take some away with us.

The service was brilliant, quick waiting staff, the atmosphere was relaxed which was nice as some restaurants can’t wait to see the back of you when they are busy. After our marathon of a meal, we washed it away with a light peach schnapps and a lemonade for the young one.

One Of Our Stays

Every time we stay in Fuerteventura we stay somewhere different. We particularly enjoyed staying at Oasis Papagayo Village, this was a very child-friendly hotel with lots on offer.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a huge bowling alley in the lower levels of the hotel; they had kids menus and adult menus on the tables and a small bar in the corner of the room.

The swimming pools were huge, a definite bonus when pulling up a sun lounger, if you’re like me, I like to get a nice position where I am not sat straight in front of the speakers, but close enough to enjoy the light entertainment.

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Save Save Save

We find when we need to do a budget stay we tend to look at the self-catering option where we can shop around for bargains and cook from the apartment, eating in can be just as much fun as eating out.

Our experience of the local Mercadona supermarket was an eye-opener for sure, we had never seen such a wide variety of fresh fish (huge as well) meat, bread, pasta, vegetables, the shelves were endless, there was a huge difference from doing our weekly shop in the UK regarding choice and freshness, the experience and holiday started there for me.

The Spanish are very helpful, friendly and accommodating, I’ve never had a bad experience with one yet, and kids well they tend to welcome them no matter where you are.

So, once you have all of what you need from the markets your set, this is not for everyone as some people prefer to eat out to avoid the cooking, why not? if you can afford it do it.

Great Places On Tap

You’re spoilt for choice with the number of restaurants in Corralejo and Caleta De Fuste, which is the next main town, around forty-one miles away, unless you visit El Cotillo that’s twenty-four miles from Corralejo, a sweet picturesque rustic fishing village set in the Northwest corner of Fuerteventura, which also offers fabulous bars and restaurants.

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Where To Stay In Style

If you really want to splash out when visiting Fuerteventura take a look at the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real, this spectacular hotel will pull at your heartstrings.

It is situated right on the white sands of the natural dune park, step out of the Bahia gates and onto the coastal path of heaven. You can turn left and walk your way into the beautiful town that has everything you desire or turn right and walk your day away into the dunes leaving town life behind you.

If you opt for the town route be sure to visit CoCo Beach right in front of you as you exit the hotel, it is an extension from the Bahia, a restaurant and bar are the perfect answer when looking for a day of relaxation and delightful service where tasty and generous portions of food and drinks are offered.

Sit and relax whilst Soaking up the sun on one of the clean white sofas or sun beds where you can kick off your shoes and daydream away whilst looking over to Lobos.

The hotel has a range of rooms to choose when booking, you will not be disappointed with any of them, clean and precise with impeccable attention to detail, you sure get what you pay for. Weddings here are a definite favourite as it has one of the best settings in Corralejo.

CoCo Beach travel lobsters

Budget Flights

Flights are cheap enough to find to Corralejo, Easyjet and Ryanair are always worth a look. We tend to fly from Bristol due to us living in south Cornwall.

We have found flights as cheap as £35.99 each way, do your research as there are plenty of cheap flights around, and check out Skyscanner’s, I have a map below. See which the best flight for you, depending on the time of travel, your location.

Don’t ever look one flight company up, it’s a wide world of internet out there grab your cheap flights and smile.

 Skyscanners Flight Map

You put in your departure point and dates and then click on ‘MAP’ on the right of the info bar above the cabin class/travellers box.

They’re the cities you can fly to cheaply and the red ones are 1+ stop that may even be cheaper! If you click on the dots it will give you a sidebar with prices across the month where you can click on your departure and return dates and find the cheapest combo.

It’s so easy to use and is perfect for those of us who are like me and prefer to see visually than be told it! HAPPY DAYS 😉


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