Verdeaurora Bio Farm Fuerteventura

Bio Farm Fuerteventura

Verdeaurora Bio Farm Fuerteventura

We have driven around pretty much all of Fuerteventura. We never do lose interest in this beautiful island, which is just as well seeing as we now live here. Along our travels, weekend after weekend, when work is out and fun is in, we have spotted a few aloe vera Farms.

On this particular day, we decided to visit the Verdeaurora Bio Farm, to enjoy the whole experience. The location is pretty spot on we thought, its situated in Tenicosquey, only seventeen minutes from where we live.

On entry to the farm, you drive a little way down and park in a small car park for guests, situated outside of the shop itself.

Bio Farm Fuerteventura

You notice on the way in how beautiful the ground look, the maintenance work here clearly shows. Its so quiet and calming, you feel miles and miles out in the middle of nowhere, its brilliant.

As we entered the shop, we were greeted by a young lady that advised us to take a look around the grounds, where we would see, and be able to try fruits straight from the trees, and then head back inside to try some of the delicious aloe jams on offer alongside beauty products.

As you walk around you come across lime trees, pomegranate trees and fig trees, that’s before you head over to see the olive trees, rows and rows of them.

It’s amazing how sweet the figs taste, we picked a large ripe one, expecting it to be a little bitter, how wrong were we, it tasted so sweet, fresh and very Moorish.

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After finishing that, we swiftly moved on or there would be none left at all! Next in line were the lime trees.

All these trees are glowing with health, limes that are fully grown and ready to be picked, as was the same for the other trees with fruits. Its great to see, you feel like your in the middle of a tropical oasis.

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The aloe trees were running in rows along the side border of the pathway, hundreds of them. They lead you around to the huge area, where you can literally see aloe for acres.

It’s such a fascinating experience. We spend most of our time working, shopping and doing the usual house chores, so this was really unique, and a well-earned break away from the norm.

The olive trees, sat proudly in neat rows, with bunches of olives ripening up for the next harvest. In the shop they make an extra virgin olive oil with a delicious flavour, produced from there own mill, pretty impressive, right?

Bio Farm Fuerteventura

Once we felt that we had seen all there was outside, we headed on up to the shop, to try and test some of their fine products. We had a young chap greet us and show us around the shop, explaining all of what they had on sale and also the foods we could sample, they had very tasty, cheeses and jams on offer, what a delight that was.

The aloe itself was explained to us in great detail, we were told how it benefits our skin when rubbed directly onto it and also the products we can ingest. The benefits of aloe are amazing, you simply have no idea until you visit this Bio Farm and take on board the true facts of aloe vera.

Bio Farm Fuerteventura

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Aloe can be used on skin, to heal Eczema, or any infection along with diseases, worm infestations and as a natural remedy for colic.

The properties go a long way, an investment of this product is definitely worthwhile. Also, for the mature lady, the aloe does wonders when consumed, it helps the skin massively through hydration, it promotes clearer skin, helps constipation (for men too) and it helps in reducing cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a biggie for me as mine is quite high, and I`m only 41, with a small frame, it goes to show you just don`t know what is happening inside ourselves, but I’m sure this amazing product will certainly help me a lot.

Aloe Vera juice is jam-packed with nutrients. It contains important vitamins and minerals like vitamins B, C, E, and folic acid, your hair will shine like never before when you start your regular intake of this natural product.

Our skin took nicely to the piece of aloe vera the young man chopped up for us, he said apply to the skin and the stickiness will disappear, which it did, leaving our skin silky smooth.

We moved onto the cheese and jams after a short while. They display mini tostada alongside the aloe jams of all flavours, banana, apple and strawberry. Spread a little on the bread, it is truly yummy, fresh and extremely tasty. They have so much to try, you can’t really resist.

Bio Farm Fuerteventura

As for the beauty products, you can tell they are a top quality, high-end, organic product. We tried a little on our hand, it sure was silky smooth and the fragrance was lovely.  They sell a range of Soaps, gels and creams, and also gift packs.

They use essential oils created from a combination of natural ingredients, carefully processed using traditional formulas and innovative methods.

So, if your looking for a gift and are stuck, then make your way to Verdeaurora Bio Farm, you will love all the products for sure.

So, after having such a delightful free visit, we headed out feeling much more educated on aloe vera and olive trees than ever before.

We were also told on our way out of the farm to tie a small piece of thread around the branches of an olive tree, and as your tieing it, you have to make a wish, repeating it three times over, so we did, but what I wished for isn’t passing by my lips 🙂

Bio Farm Fuerteventura

We loved our visit to Verdeaurora Bio Farm, and we are sure you will too! enjoy your experience, and get those wishes on the go 🙂



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