Travelling With An Invisible Friend!

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Travelling With An Invisible Friend!

So, the excitement builds when the time comes to book a holiday. The thought of leaving behind the usual pace of life and flying to one that seems like heavenly bliss for a week or two.

Everyone feels that warm feeling inside when work is over and those days are dwindling down on the calendar, it’s getting nearer and nearer to your jolly holidays.

It’s not really the thought of leaving the house behind or wondering if the cat will be alright that makes your stomach feel like an empty pit. It’s that odd recurring feeling that keeps you ever so focused on what to pack, what the weather will be like, where the nearest hospital is in case of an emergency, as kids are always in one way or another full of surprises.

I remember the first time we went to Thailand. I lost count of how many nights I lay there worrying about taking my child into a danger zone with god knows how many diseases. I mean, what is that?

I knew vaccination were all done, I went through every nut and cranny of the entire holiday daily to check I hadn’t missed anything vital, still, the worry factor remained.

I should imagine millions of good parents do the exact same thing, worry about there kids. But, do you think you worry excessively or just now and then? Does it take over you on a daily basis? or is it more regular when your life feels kinda of balance?

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A Lifetime Friend

I have always suffered from stress, ever since I was 18 I am now 41. Its one of them silent friends that loves to give you a reminder now and then that it’s still around, and mostly when you least expect it. I like to think of myself as a pro when it comes to stressful times, most people wouldn’t even know your dying inside on certain days, it’s that fake smile that gets you through, the mask of pretending.

A survey was carried out in January 2018 by “Forth” finding that over a third (37%) of British residents feel stressed for at least one full day per week. Those who don’t feel stressed at all are very much in the minority, coming in at around 15%.

So, firstly what is causing you so much stress?  The data they generated revealed that the most common cause of stress was money. Another popular reason was work, followed by health concerns, then the failure to get enough sleep, then the pressure of getting household chores done.

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When we feel stressed a hormone called cortisol is released by the body, this is our flight or fight response kicking in. If this happens too often our body can no longer respond to stress and we start to feel extremely fatigued, irritated and pretty miserable.

It can take a long time to get your head in the right place when you suffer from stress all the time. Lucky for me, I know how to handle it, what triggers it and what to do when it’s not so great. There isn’t one person alive that can say they don’t get stressed in today’s society, it’s virtually impossible.

There are some really great changes you can make if you feel stressed, a lot of it is having the strength to change it, as we humans love repittion, it makes us feel secure.

So, What Can We Do

Look at what you do on a weekly basis, do you like what you do for a living? Who do you share your time with each day or week? Do you even like them? Do you get a chance to relax and talk with friends? What do you do for yourself? These questions when truly asked to ourselves are difficult to answer, I guess its a self-honesty test.

If you have kids, then that’s it, long baths, time alone and money for yourself is definitely out the window unless you have an ever faithful mother or a very helpful husband.

Over the years as my children have grown I’ve learned to make time for myself where I enjoy new hobbies such as Yoga and Meditation to relaxing music and also riding my bike. If you can’t have just a little time to yourself without anybody chirping into your ear then its time to change things around.

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We all lead energetic, stressful, mind draining lives at some point or another. Its what we do about it that counts. I finally had enough of my time living in the UK with a few huge stress contributors. I knew for a very long time that place wasn’t for me and never would be again, and even though I left and have now made a new life abroad, stress still follows me now and then, so don’t go thinking if you relocate abroad all will be rosy. Life is what you make it, I am a true believer in that.

Help Along The Way

My best friend in life is my mum. She has been there for me since day one. She has seen me in bad ways with stress, it must be awful to watch from a parent point of view. As always my Henny as I call her helped me through the worst times when I was 18 up till I was about 23.

Many times over the years she saw me not eating due to stress and other times she was awakened in the night when I couldn’t sleep due to night terrors. I wouldn’t wish those times on anyone.

Thankfully as I grew older, times changed for me and I started to learn how to deal with stress a lot more. I had great determination to combat it.

My mum always knew when I was serious about something, as when I say it, ill do it. Just like when I decided to write my blog. I had always loved travelling to different countries as a child, its a magical experience to be able to see, taste and feel a completely different way of life that is so new to you, it’s amazing and that is why I started Travel Lobsters with my family. It’s now our full-time passion, the love for the great outdoors that awaits our feet to touch the ground wherever that may be, it’s wonderful.

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When I was young I grew up around people that constantly promised, boasted and made many believe they would do something amazing in life, or travel the world with lots of cash. I mean, its great to have a life goal, it’s just not too great when you see them result to nothing because it was easier to do nothing than to do what they said in the first place, its a wasted life.

Goals in life are good to have when you’re stressed out. It’s also a good idea to not make them that impossible, as that will only result in self-deflation. Aim and keep in sight what you want, work slowly towards it, even if it takes years, then go for it. I once was told opportunities are never lost always thrown away.

If you have a special person that you can call your rock, keep them close, having a sense of security nearby will help anyone who is stressed. Talk to them until the sun comes up, do what you need to do to keep calm, focus and breath, we all forget at times to sit and take deep breathes, I mean, we are brought into this world knowing one thing only, how to breath, without our respiration in fine fettle we can’t really focus or accomplish anything, it sends everything out of sync.

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Goals Are Good

So, what can we do to alleviate our problems? Firstly we need to know how well our body is copying by gaining insight into our inside health through measuring key biomarkers such as cortisol.

We can then start to make changes to our lifestyle. Exercise, of course, offers the added bonus of bolstering your physical health. If you choose to sit in all day long watching tele it can be hard to break out of the cycle of stress.

Get out of the house, breath in fresh air, walk, run, jog, whatever is your thing in life do it, it will help you to get your mind off feeling stressed and into positive thinking mode. Or you may prefer to read, listen to music or even knit, do what you have to do as long as it involves brain activity and not staring into space whilst rubbing your sweaty hands together wondering why your heart is pounding.

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If you feel you cant make these first steps to altering your stress levels, maybe have a chat with your doctor to see what they can do to help you, each individual is different, we are all on a different journey. I am no professional and understand depression and anxiety go together. I hope you found my blog helpful in one way or another.

if you have any question regarding this blog please feel free to contact me 🙂


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