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Top Tips On How To Pack For Your Holidays

We all know that last-minute holiday panic that consists of ten bikinis, five pairs of shoes and a drawer full of makeup versus one, modest-sized suitcase. But while many of us would love to breezily skip through customs with nothing more than huge smile weighing us down, traveling light is harder than it looks. So we decided to put together some tips on how to travel a little lighter.

Divide it up

One rule to ensure everything fits when you have your selection scattered all over your bed, why not just cut it all in half. A little drastic maybe, but it forces you to focus and just remember all the items you have taken on holiday before and never worn. You feel different on holiday and being comfortable and feeling special is what’s important; concentrate on items that help you do this.

Think About Activities

Consider everything you might be doing (tennis? posh dinners? hiking? swimming? city explorations?) – then put your favorite items for these scenarios on your bed in piles of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, beauty favorites, jackets/cover-ups, swimwear. Anything that doesn’t have a specific use doesn’t need to come without you.

Roll it all the way

Roll every item that can be rolled as this will negate creasing. If you take anything remotely tailored, turn it inside out and tuck in the sleeves and it will arrive in the best shape possible. My husband’s little trick it to lay his shorts and t shirt on the bed, fold in the arms, add pants to the middle, and lay each socks on the sleeve area poking out, start to roll the whole outfit upwards until it’s as one garment, then tuck the end of the socks over the rolled items, making it look like one big sausage shape. This allows you to put seven outfits side by side in your case, (but remember this is men’s packing, it’s done in two seconds, although it was a clever idea, and worked well for him).

Bikini Or Bathing Suit

If you’re not too keen on showing of your midriff then pack a costume or tankini set for your snorkeling or paddle boarding session. But if you’re into bikinis this is even easier, you will be able to take one for each day of the week by folding them neatly and placing them along the walls of your case.

Body Essentials

Wash bags with see-through compartments are brilliant for organising your essentials, from dry shampoo to sun lotion. They tend to be lightweight and you can check quickly to see if you’ve forgotten anything. Remember to make sure all beauty items are less than 50ml if you’re planning to take them on board a flight.


Depending on where you’re going, remember to pack your most favorite heels, maximum two pairs, I know it sounds painful but you’re not going to the beach in them. I also love to pack them tiny ballet pumps that fold up into nothing, their comfy, handbag friendly and pretty. If you’re sportier limit yourself to one pair of trainers, unless you’re planning on doing a marathon, you may need two if that’s the case. It’s best to just keep it simple; my all-time favorites are flip-flops that fit like a glove and are looking rather worn out right now.

Hair Mechanics

When I think of packing straight away I think of bulky hair dryers, hair straighteners, curling tongs, and brushes. Not to mention hairspray, mouse, and dry hair treatments. The list grows rapidly within a split second. So why not invest in a small travel dryer, mini straighteners, a folding brush and benders to curl. The rest can be bought once you have arrived at your destination (I remember my incident with a mouse bottle in my suitcase with no lid, it will haunt me forever, although my clothes smelt nice).




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