Three Words Which Explain Why You Should Always Tell Someone Where You’re Hiking

Three Words Which Explain Why You Should Always Tell Someone Where You’re HikingThree Words Which Explain Why You Should Always Tell Someone Where You’re Hiking!


Going on a hiking trip is guaranteed to change your life. There’s no getting around that fact. It’s one of the few opportunities you’ll get in life to be truly at one with nature. It also provides a meditative quality, making it the ideal trip for stripping back and getting to your roots. As tacky as it sounds, they aren’t kidding when they say that hiking can bring you home to yourself. After a  trip of this kind, you can bet you would never look at the world the same way. You’d probably also be desperate to pack up and get going again as soon as you reached your final destination.

As much as hiking is fantastic for loosening the chains and getting lost in the wilderness, it does pay to keep one foot in reality. Before going on a trip like this, it’s essential that you give at least one person a detailed plan of your journey as it stands. You should then keep them up to date with your progress as you go to make sure that they know where you are at all times.

It can feel like a killjoy, make no mistake about it. How can you get wild with someone back home tracking your movements? The reality is, though, that is one of the most critical parts of your prep. And, these three words will explain why.


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Before anything, a hiker needs to think about safety. For one, a trip like this may mean facing tricky terrain far away from civilization. If you’re hiking alone, especially as a female, you also need to be aware of the people you could meet along the way. And, that’s before you even consider the bears and other dangerous animals you could encounter. The long and short of it is that hikes can get hairy. By ensuring someone knows where you are and what you’re doing, you can improve your safety no end. If that person then doesn’t hear from you, it’ll be like you’re sending an alarm of sorts.


Once that alarm is sent, having at least rough coordinates to go by can also help that person direct the police or air ambulance services to you. If they know where you were and how many miles you were hiking that day, it shouldn’t be long before you’re location is discovered. This could be a massive relief if you’ve hurt your leg or are otherwise injured. It could also end up being your saviour if you bump into anyone unsavoury enroute.


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Having someone following your journey can also be a huge help for communication. For one, they’ll be able to keep your larger circle informed of your progress so you don’t have to. It can also save you having to waste time explaining your destination each time you find a payphone. Instead, you’ll be able to spend each call getting to the more important matter of catching up and talking about the amazing sights you’ve seen.


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