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Thailand Adventure Part 2

pretty kata beach subset thailand

So, the adventure continues. All was well until one of us had a rather dickie belly, yikes, everyone knows that when you visit Thailand, one or all of whoever your with will be ill at some point. It isn’t pleasant to say the least. On that note, before travelling to this fabulous place make sure you and your fellow travelers have all had their injections. There are many illnesses in Thailand. Vacinations cover is vital against the food borne diseases of Typhoid and Hepatitis A if your going deeper jungle for longer periods of time its best to have cover against Hepatitis B and Rabies. Doctors will ask you where your going, region, length of time (well they should do) they can talk through the risks and best vaccinations for each traveler. Children too will be offered full cover, better to be safe than sorry. No side effects come from these vaccinations, but everyone is different.

Our illness as most travelers to Thailand turned out to be the usual upset stomach, after a week of plain bread, bland sandwiches, bread sticks and lots of water, lets not forget loo roll, it seemed to go away. Its easy to eat something that may have a slight bit of bacteria on it, after all its 37 degrees all the time. Check the place first before you eat anything, if its busy and clean looking, go for it, avoid food sat out in the sun, such as the fish we saw day after day in one particular restaurant, im not even going to go down that road.

Time was dwindling down so quickly in Bangkok, we had so much to see and do, its like a race against time. Our next visit was to the ever famous Lebua Tower, well known and loved due to the fact The Hangover had a short burst of filming done in the lift and tower top. This had always been on our list, so here it was.

What can we say, a truly amazing experience, and everyone should make the trip up the tower, even if your scared of heights. We got to the Lebua Tower in around thirty minutes by tuck tuck from our hotel, a little hair raising but fun at the same time. Upon arrival, you look upwards, and not one glimpse is in sight of what it really is going to be like.

As we go up 64 floors, yes you read that correct, an eye watering lift experience like no other, the doors ping open and voila, out you go, through a small walkway only to be greeted with a huge opening to a gleaming white stairway down to the restaurant and bar. Stunning does not quite cut it. Filled with people, this place is buzzing, the restaurant is high class, with a nice horse shoe shaped bar to match, although we did think the bar area was a little small, but what do you expect on top of a high building. The view was to die for, you can see as far as your eyes will let you, if your scared of heights dont bother, wobbly legs is not good up there, with quite a harsh breeze.

Drinks are expensive to say the least, but hey, its once in a lifetime trip, why not. The Cost was around 3500 Baht for four drinks, which in pounds is a bout £80, it will leave a small hole in your pocket, so enjoy it. The trip up the Lebua was definitely a highlight for us. You must also remember to wear (guys) trousers, ladies reasonable length skirt, and decent shoes or you will be turned away.

Our next big trip was when we went to see the Grand Palace. It certainly was grand. The entrance fee was around 1500 Baht in English that is £30 not expensive at all. The grounds are huge, it takes a good few hours to take pictures and view every nut and cranny. Its good to read up on the palace before hand, it gives you a little insight and tells you good information about the history of the palace. There are so many other people also viewing the palace, it can be a little overwhelming with the combination of the heat, and wearing long jeans and covered shoulders, this is a must in sacred grounds. They do have shops selling ice cream, drinks and snacks, we shaded inside one to compose ourselves after walking around for a while.

visit to the Grand Palace Bangkok

In Bangkok you do have a wide choice of temples to visit, we also visited Wat Pho, the reclining Buddha, Wat Saket and Wat Arun, all absolutely beautiful and a must see.

After spending five days in Bangkok, we felt we had thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. We had seen and tasted so many different types of foods, and was truly blown away with the culture, temples, kindness, and of course the Lebua Tower.

Time moves so fast when your having fun, and the next hotel was clearly in sight, just one small hop onto Thai Airways for an hour and a half and we would be welcomed into Phuket.

Quick flights are always the best, especially when your a little impatient like me. We made a promise to Bangkok as we waved it goodbye, we will be seeing you again soon.

trip to phuket from bangkok

Phuket, here we are, off to our hotel Baan Kongdee Sunset Resort. From Phuket Airport to our hotel it took around an hour. The roads are crazy but not as bad as Bangkok, i think Thai drivers just need to slow down a little, our hair was already thinning from the tuck tucks. We arrived in one piece and were amazed with this hotel upon arrival. We were greeted with very friendly hotel managers, and shown to out apartment. When entering the first thing you notice is the stunning view.

We could literally see over the entire bay of Kata. Our room was a deluxe family suite, everything was perfect, they even offer lifts to the beaches and town for free, what more could you want. The hotel had a large pool up on the third floor, again a spectacular view. This was now home for the next three weeks. We had many plans for our stay in Phuket, the beaches around us were Kate Noi, Kata Beach and Karon Beach, and we had to check out Dino Golf! Kids just wanna have fun. The ever famous Flow Rider Surf was apparently situated on Kata beach, this had to be visited for sure.

Be sure to check out my next Thailand Part 3 Blog, we have lots to share, all of the above and our trip to the Green Elephant Sanctuary and Surin Beach, apparently where the rich and famous hang out. I hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures, keep an eye out for Thailand Part 3.



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