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Tenerife`s Galician Octopus with Potatoes

Tenerife`s Galician Octopus with Potatoes

We tried this amazing dish whilst away in Tenerife. We had never tasted anything so delicious in all our lives. Perfectly cooked octopus, surrounded by tender, well-seasoned potatoes. We were blown away with how fabulous it tasted. This dish is a very popular one all over the Canary Islands, you really do not want to leave without giving it a go.

When we came home we thought of making the dish ourselves, so we looked for the recipe and we found one that shows the exact method.


2 lbs octopus

1 Onion

2 Bay leaves

2 Larger potatoes, boiled and sliced diagonally into rounds (about 1/2″ in thickness or less)

1 Teaspoon hot paprika, to taste (about, or more)

Sea salt

Extra virgin olive oil


Rinse and clean the octopus, freeze (if you don’t, it will be hard as a rock).

Put water in a BIG pot until it boils. With the help of a hook or any other instrument, put it in, and remove it from the boiling water 3 times; then let it boil for 25 minutes.

Test with a spike its tenderness, and remove the pot from the heat leaving it in the water for another 15 minutes.

Cut the tentacles (it’s the only part you eat) in slices with some scissors, place the pieces into a wooden bowl and add over it, salt, paprika, and olive oil.

(Optional) Cut the potatoes crosswise into 1/2-inch-thick slices and surround the octopus pieces with the potato slices. Drizzle the octopus and potatoes with the olive oil and sprinkle with hot paprika and the remaining tablespoon of salt. Serve the dish while the octopus and potatoes are still warm.


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