Singles Opt for Airbnb to Avoid Charges

Singles Opt for Airbnb to Avoid Charges

My friend loves to keep me informed on a weekly basis of her travelling experiences. She is single and travels around from country to country, enjoying what her adventures have to bring, including no extra charges from Airbnb.

There was recently a survey by a holiday home insurance company stating that 74% of single people book with Airbnb to avoid extra charges.

They have spoken openly on how to avoid paying over the odds as a single traveller by remembering to book independent accommodation, and keeping yourself savvy.

Every single traveller wants to benefit one way or another, we have to keep up with the times and login to the world around us when deciding who to book with.

As the sharing economy grows, websites such as Airbnb boasts themselves as a “social website” that love to connect people and offer space to share with those single travellers, who are seeking a place to stay, which in turn is a singles haven.

Schofields Insurance Company did a survey on 1000 solo travellers aged 18 and over, that was based in the UK.

They wanted to find out much more information regarding solo travellers and their accommodation preferences, below is what they found:

  • 44% have stayed in an Airbnb property
  • 18% have stayed in hostels
  • 65% have stayed in hotels


  • Out of all who had stayed alone in a hotel, 78% had when booking been quoted an extra single person supplement.
  •  A huge 74% of those that stayed in an Airbnb did do to avoid extra charges by hotels.
  • Some 35% of solo travellers stayed in hostels because they preferred the communal aspect, whereas 29% chose them purely because they were cheaper than many other options.

We all hear one horror story from one friend or another about short-term rentals. It would seem regardless of the stories, more and more people are choosing accommodation that is managed independently through sites such as Airbnb,  definitely, an increase has been recorded.

This is due to the fact that many solo travellers are being charged a cheeky supplement to stay alone in a hotel, on a cruise ship or to stay on a much larger holiday resort.

Just to open up everybody’s eyes on this subject, a single persons supplement is a charge that ranges from around 10 to 100 percent of the standard rate for a single person travelling and staying alone. Not really much help when you want to save as many pennies as possible when travelling around alone.

Larger company’s charge for double occupancy most of the time when booking accommodation, if they only chose to charge a single rate for solo travellers, they would be inevitably losing out, hence the reason why they do not. For the traveller flying solo, it is not much help at all.

Schofields Insurance has given advice for single travellers to help them to avoid paying additional charges for accommodation when exploring their favourite places.

Use an independent holiday provider for sure

There’s a reason why Airbnb and similar services are becoming more popular. The best advice is to contact the hotel directly or get in touch with the host via a service like Airbnb, sometimes explaining your situation can lead to good negotiations.

Airbnb does not usually have a single supplement as they’re not priced on a double occupancy rate like the larger companies are. Also by contacting an independent provider directly will mean you’re likely to get better service.

Book as late as possible

If you’re a little like my friend and leaves booking to the last minute from time to time, there will be rooms that are left unfilled, meaning tour operators and also accommodation providers will most of the time waiver the fees to make a quick sale on a room or trip that may not be sold at all.

Travel off-season

One trick is to not travel when it is during the school holidays or any bank holidays, choose dates when it is a little quieter, this will reduce the amount you pay, as hotels are much keener on making a sale at those much quieter times. Remember, early May, late September and early October are all good times to book.

Find a room buddy

If you’re not to fussy there a number of services that can match you with a roommate or travel buddy or maybe your more of an adventurer and want to stay in hostels and dormitories, which all have multiple beds per room, so you will not have to find your own roommate.

We also need to remember that there are also operators who specialise in singles holidays. Some of these will match you up with a partner of the same sex, which I’m sure we will all agree is nice at times and others have arranged deals with certain accommodations to allow single occupancy of single or double rooms at a cheaper rate, perfect for peace of mind.


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