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Can children learn just as good?

Home-schooling is quite common in the UK it’s almost mainstream. As home-school graduates go on to prove that they are not intellectually or socially deficient competing at the university level and in the marketplace commensurate with their traditionally schooled counterparts, the arguments against home-grown education crumble; and the results are clear to see.

Home-schooling is a bit of a grey area in many peoples minds.. The underlying subtext that affects many people’s view of the community is that kids are stuck in the house, going nowhere, being sheltered from reality and kept away from the scary influences of “school” and “other children.” For the vast majority of home schoolers, nothing could be further from the truth. There is a growing number of people who refer to themselves as road schoolers, whose entire purpose is to take their kids to as many places as they can, learn in as many different environments as they can, and make their entire educations one big field trip.

The truth is that anyone who wants to travels with a child can do and teach them along the way. All it takes is a slight mental shift, organisation, on the part of the parent, towards optimising the educational benefit of the moment you’re in. Needless to say that doesn’t mean preaching at your child at every chance, or forcing him/her to be “learning” every moment, and thus sucking the joy out of the journey; turning “vacation” into a job.


Neither does it mean turning your family holiday into a moving classroom with stacks of books and worksheets. It simply means having a little faith and time in the universal truth that children are, by nature, learners, and tuning into your child and his/her interests in such a way that you can pick up on what they’re learning and expand on it. You will be on the same level.

This can be done just as easily on a two week vacation in the Maldives, or on an open ended world tour. It can also be worked quite easily into a Saturday afternoon out with your child who is enrolled in school all week long. It’s not a “method” but more of a mind-set. You’re probably already road schooling, or at least you could be!

Of course, there will always be people who take things to extremes. There are people, like us, who are road schoolers. It’s not something we add to our kids’ home-school program, or work in on over the weekend, or over summer holidays when they are not in a proper school. It actually forms the backbone of their educations. We are intentionally using the world and our experiences through it as their classroom and making it our business to see as much of it as we possibly can

Resources Sites For Schooling

There are a lot of free home schooling resources online as well as paid. Free often means a lot more work on your behalf. So if you find  home schooling resources that will save time and help your child then that`s even better. Below is a little information about Reading Eggs, a very popular site where you can find out information about learning packages and helpful learning tips.

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. You can subscribe to the site for as little as £3.40 a month if you wish to, your child will have access to all parts of the Reading Eggs and Reading Eggs press programmes for children aged 3-13, including 120 reading lessons, 96 spelling lessons, over 200 comprehension lessons and over 2500 e-books in our online library.

12 Month Mathseeds Subscription

There’s also a 12 month subscription to Math seeds this will give your child access to all parts of the growing numeracy programmes for children aged 3-6. The cost of the subscription is £29.95 – that’s less than £2.50 per month! You can go online and view lots of information on the subscriptions before actually signing up if you wish to. The cost is very reasonable and at least you will have peace of mind that your child is not going without.

Book Packs

When purchasing subscriptions, you can also buy Reading Eggs books for highly discounted prices in the online shop. As you can see huge opportunities are available.

How to Purchase Reading Eggs

To purchase Reading Eggs subscriptions or book packs either login or register for a new account at

After logging in or completing your registration simply select the Purchase link from your account page to get started.

E Learning For Kids

Another brilliant source of education for home scholars is at this site is full of all the subjects you would find in a local school. This organisation is non-profit; it has several partners and certain donations from different companies to support it. Take a look and see what you think. The content is easy to work with and easy to access.

They provide over 700 courses for children ages 5-12 in Math, Science, Language Arts, Computers, English as a Second Language, Environmental, Health and Life Skills. All courses are available in English and several courses are translated and available in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Indian English.

Also do not forget that you can carry homeschooling ideas with you wherever you may be, simply purchase this from Amazon! Click the link below.


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