Paradise Beach Jandia Fuerteventura

Blissful Beaches Jandia

Paradise Beach Jandia Fuerteventura

Well, what can we say, we thought we had seen pure beauty on Corralejo beaches until we saw Jandia beach.

We have been back and forth to Corralejo beach and dunes for over twenty years and never been to the south to see Jandia beach.

I know I hear you say it out loud, How on earth can you visit Fuerta and not visit every nut of cranny of it? Guilty as charged.

I guess as a holidaymaker back then you kinda see what you love and stick with it, we had no need to travel an hour to another beach, it was all at hand in Corralejo, as it truly is beautiful.

Every time we did fly into Fuerteventura as a holidaymaker, we would use Skyscanner’s, we found them the cheapest and most reliable.

You can also search by month, this lets you see all the dates that are available, you can then pick which date is the cheapest! Very handy we thought.

So, off we went to the south, hoping we would be strolling across the beach you see in many photos, where the sand pops out of the shallow waters like a little oasis.

Sometimes you never really know what to expect until you arrive. Its a little like the plan to move abroad, you never really know what you are up against until you do it.

After an hour of travelling we saw the turnoff for Risco DeL Paso, there it was our exit to heaven. We drove down a long windy road until we came to a large car park ( which was free, something the UK never provides).

Towels, Sun Brolly and a cool box we were off. We went to find our spot on this incredible beach. Breathtaking is an understatement, we were in love.

You can look left and right and for as far as the eye can see, sheer bliss, white sand, green sea water mixed with dark blue, What more could we want we found our heaven, right there.

Beach Heaven

We settled in an area that was quiet, a little away from a small crowd. I guess we like our peace and not to mention a small portion of the heaven we just found for ourselves. This spot was also going to be fab for my husband who loves snapping photos.

Paradise Heaven

The water was warm, shallow, clear and very inviting. You can lose hours on this beach because it is so blissful.

We went for a stroll in the water’s edge, it went on for miles and miles, the more you walk the quieter and in love you become. Windsurfers and paddleboarders are hard at it, with the light breeze, looking graceful.

Jandia Windsurfers

You can see a few hotels in the distance with huge sand drenched mountains set behind them. Such a picturesque view.

Never have we seen such beauty on a beach. If you have time whilst your in Fuerteventura then take a drive to Jandia beach.

Also, remember your sun cream of factor 50 as the wind does make it feel much cooler, it was 28 degrees but felt much cooler. You do not want to be looking like a lobster!!

Hotels on Jandia Beach

If you a slice of heaven for a minute then check it out here

I like to take my trusty canvas beach bag with me wherever I go, you end up with so much sometimes when its a beach day, sunscreen, headphones, towels, food, it’s a juggling act. I find this bag a true delight, it’s perfect as it holds everything I need with a lightweight feel, no more struggling!

Roll on the following weekend when work is out and play is in, we know where we’re heading! “Happy Days” we might see you there! 🙂


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