La Gomera an island in the canaries, with it`s own whistle language

From the seven major islands of the archipelago of Canary Islands, La Gomera is the one that remains in better conditions its customs and traditions. Only in La Gomera, you will be able to listen to the low grounds whistled, a language that has been used since the ancient tappers lived here, who used it to communicate through large distances by whistling. In addition, the island welcomes popular traditional festivals focused on its gastronomy that is fraught with unique elements. The most popular dishes are watercress soup, palm honey, an exquisite delicacy made from the ‘guarapo’, name given to the sap of the palm tree.

Whilst we were staying on the island of Tenerife we decided to do a little island hopping to La Gomera. La Gomera can sometimes be seen in the distance from Tenerife, it is an island full of little surprises. Below are two possible ways of getting to La Gomera.

There are two shipping companies operating, Fred Olsen and Naviera Armas. Both companies depart daily from the port of Los Cristianos in the South of Tenerife to the Port of San Sebastián de La Gomera, in a comfortable and pleasant journey not exceeding 60 minutes. There’s also the possibility to get a connection to the island of La Palma and El Hierro.

Both companies, Fred Olsen and Naviera Armas have offices at the main bus station in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 15 minutes from Tenerife North airport. Both of these provide a free bus service to customers, to take you to the port of Los Cristianos.

ferry la gomera

The trip over is a relaxing one, you can potter around the decks, whilst keeping an eye out for any sea life that may be swimming along with you. They sometimes have entertainment on for the duration of the trip, just a little light-hearted fun from the staff on board.

ferry to la gomera

On Arrival you can choose from of the following to get about:

The Canary Island of La Gomera is full of exciting places of excursion that await discovery. If you are grabbed by the want to experience nature, the place and the people then you have many possibilities open to you for exploring this fascinating island.

Rental Cars

A rental car is the easiest and best mode of transportation, to explore La Gomera individually. Discover nature and the diversity of the island at your own pace! Check car rental prices


La Gomera now has completed bus terminals, the Estaciones de Guaguas. However, these very promising facilities can’t be seen as a measure of comparison to the present bus network.


Travelling by taxi lets you travel exclusively and chose your individual route. Anyone wanting to go to a specific place, or return from one, for example after a day of hiking, taxis offer a good value for money option.

Highlights Of La Gomera

There are enchanted forests, idyllic bays, high cliffs, typical villages, impressive ravines, beautiful hiking trails and unique nature that attract visitors to the wonderful Canary Island of La Gomera.

The spectacular Canary Islands offer visitors great flair and hidden sights.

If you enjoy a peaceful nature hike through forest paths and deep ravines, taking in the views of the island and the ocean: La Gomera is a fantastic destination for hiking!

Seeing playful dolphins or even whales along the island’s wild coast is a true highlight for visitors. With any luck, you’ll see both whales and dolphins on a whale-watching trip.

Cultural & natural sights

The giant Los Organos rock stands on the north coast and is known as one of the most beautiful basalt formations in the Canaries.


The evergreen forest, Garajonay, is a unique place in the heart of the island and is a hikers’ paradise.
La Gomera is an island to watch and to be seen. Stopping at some of the best viewpoints is one of the most incredible experiences you can live in this paradise. Dare to discover a network of viewpoints designed so that, in each one of them, you become part of the landscape.

Los Roques Natural Monument

The Los Roques Natural Monument is located in the central region of the island of La Gomera, in the municipality of San Sebastián de La Gomera inside the Garajonay National Park. The Los Roques Natural Monument is composed of three big rocks: Roque Agando, Roque Ojila, and Roque La Zarzita. The most famous are the Roque Agando a huge phonolites that reach the 1.075 meters high.

This natural monument has great scientific interest as it holds many singular elements with important landscape value. It’s also important to know that surrounding this region you might find many native plants as well as many protected species such as the Senecio Gomero.


The green Hermigua is situated romantically between two high mountain ranges. The beautiful, wide valley in the north of La Gomera is well known for its temperate climate. Especially hikers are attracted to the unique nature of the place.

Water-filled ravines provide year-round moisture to Hermigua and give the region one of the largest banana harvests of the island.

The small river Rio del Cedro cascades impressively from a 100-meter waterfall into the valley.

The Twin Rocks of Hermigua

One of the landmarks of Hermigua is the twin rocks Roques de San Pedro. Two volcanic vents, shooting up from below the ground mark the community Monteforte. There used to be a sugar mill situated here.

The once profitable export of the Conquistadors has long since lost its importance for the Canary Islands and has been replaced by bananas.

The Whistling Language

Silbo Gomero is a unique form of communication through whistling used for thousands of years in La Gomera. It reproduces Castilian Spanish –the language of its inhabitants– in a series of different whistles and has been passed down for centuries from fathers to sons as simply another tool for working in the countryside. Today, and since the government made it a school subject in 1999, it is the only whistled language in the world. It is calculated that around 22,000 people can speak it correctly. This is why when you’re walking in the mountains of La Gomera, listen closely –you may still be able to hear the whistles of two people having a conversation.

Make your visit to La Gomera soon!





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