Is Saving For That Holiday Impossible To Do?

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 Is Saving For That Holiday Impossible To Do?

How many holidays do you tend to take per year? Maybe just one in the summer? Maybe a couple at the start and end of the year? Maybe your travels feel like they never stop, and you wouldn’t have it any other way! But all in all, that can get very expensive, and even just trying to save for the annual family holiday can get a bit difficult.

If you’re someone who loves to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to travel, you’ve definitely had to live off of a budget before! After all, your travels don’t pay for themselves, and you’ve still got a few places to cross off of your bucket list – so let’s quickly through a few of the best saving techniques you can have on hand to make sure you can still afford to jet off this spring.


A few thousand pennies here and there can really add up! (Source)

Give Yourself a Window of No Spending

There’s a lot of debate over what’s the best way to save money, but all in all, the less you spend, the more disposable income you’ll have. So now’s the time to block yourself out a window, hopefully, or two months at least, before you go away – this is the time you need to stop yourself spending money (except on essentials) and start socking away these funds instead.

The money you manage to save here can really expose the kind of lifestyle you lead – it can help you to determine whether you spend too much on food or clothing, and you can start building a better all round budget. Not only that, but you have a lot more of a budget for the travels you were saving for in the first place, which means you might just be able to afford a luxury hotel stay…

Set Yourself Some Targets Along the Way

A quick point, but it matters. Saving money isn’t done on the fly; you’re going to need some goals to adhere to. Maybe you want to stash away £50 by the end of the week, or you want to save a fifth of your paycheck every time you receive one –  It’s these goals that make saving a lot easier and lot more realistic.

Whilst You’re at it, Check Your Bills

So you’re trying to save money, but you and the family have still got lives to lead at the same time. You still have to go food shopping on a weekly basis, and you still have to pay the bills to keep the roof over your head, but are your bills being fair on you?

You can check the prices you’re having to shell out for each month at a variety of websites, and you can always ask friends and other families you don’t live with what they have to pay for the same or similar packages. Make sure you’re not getting ripped off just in time for a holiday!


Start saving today!


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