How to Spend Your Time in Western Australia

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How to Spend Your Time in Western Australia

If you’re looking to spend some time in Australia but you’re not yet sure which part of the country you want to visit, you should definitely consider Western Australia. It’s a part of the country with so much to offer visitors like yourself, and you’ll find that the natural wonders, as well as the cities there, have so much for you to do and see. You’ll never be bored and it just might turn out to be the travel trip of a lifetime.

Surf at Trigg Point

Rigg Point is found in Perth, so when you’ve finished taking in the city and enjoying all of the bars and restaurants that you’ll find there, you should think about heading to Trigg Point. It’s the best bit of coastline for surfing that you’ll find in this part of the world. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a surf master or a complete beginner. You’ll have plenty of fun here.

Escape to Rottnest Island

You need to take a short ferry ride in order to get to Rottnest Island, but it’ll be more than worth the travel time. It’s a nature reserve that’s completely free of cars and other things you’d associate with the city. So if you’ve been spending time in Perth or other big cities and you need a bit of a break from all that, the natural wonders of Rottnest Island are ideal for you.

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Make Sure You Have a Car

Having a car in Western Australia is really important if you want to see as much of what the region has to offer as possible. You can use Bayswater Car Rentals because you obviously won’t want to take your own. Having a car will mean that you’re able to get between all of the sights and areas of interest that the region has to offer and you won’t have to miss out on anything.

Don’t Stick to Perth

Perth is certainly one of the highlights of Western Australia, but you should try not to limit yourself to the city because there’s so much more going on. It’s very easy to take a trip to Perth, fall in love with it and then forget that there’s actually a lot more going on in Western Australia for you to fall in love with too. Try not to make that mistake because plenty of other people already have.

Visit Purnululu National Park

This remote national park in Western Australia is still pretty much unknown to so many people. It’s so underrated and you’ll understand what I mean the moment you arrive at Purnululu National Park. It’s UNESCO World Heritage site and the spectacular rock formations you’ll find there are stunning.

Western Australia is such an underrated part of the country and part of the world. If you want to make the most of what this part of the world really has to offer, you should embrace it sooner rather than later. You won’t regret it and you’ll come back home with memories that’ll last a lifetime.


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