How To Choose The Next Solo Trip

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How To Choose The Next Solo Trip

If you’re someone who has a true passion for travelling then you already know that the world never seems big enough and you’re probably planning your next adventure. However, with so much choice available it can be hard to pick just one place or even one region, so with this post we’re hoping to help you make it a bit easier by giving you some things to consider for how to choose your next solo trip.

Are you looking to join groups?:

Solo travel doesn’t mean that you have to spend every single minute of your trip alone, and actually, some of the best people who you can meet up with during your travels are other solo travellers, so if you’re looking to join any groups for things like day excursions or just to hang out and have some dinner or a couple of drinks with, then this is something that you could consider when booking your next trip. There are also lots of agencies and even places like hostels that will help you find this, and if you’re truly looking for a completely solo experience then perhaps you’re best looking for somewhere that will be more remote and you don’t have to think about meeting up with other people or travellers.

Do you prefer hot or cold climates?:

Just like you would with any trip or vacation that you go on it’s always worth considering what you’re looking for in terms of the weather – if you prefer a more tropical beach climate, then you could look at trips to accommodate that, and if you’re looking for colder climates, then places like Canada, parts of Europe, and ski breaks and snowboarding adventures can be all things that you would consider. It definitely helps to know the weather in the places according to the time of year in which you will be going.

Do you want adventure or culture?:

Although the two are not mutually exclusive, some trips do cater to one preference over the other, so for example if you’re looking for a hiking trip and places where you can do things like abseiling then your best bet is going to be to look for places that will offer you this.

Or if you’re looking to take in the rich culture of a place like Rome, Paris or, Egypt, then there are trips out there that will cater for this, too.

Of course, it always helps to be prepared by bringing the right clothing and equipment, as this will help you be prepared for that by booking in advance.

If you have activities that you are going to be doing that would require equipment, for example, if you would have to bring skis, good walking shoes, or even walking sticks, or if you’ll need to have the help of a tour guide or walking staff to help you get around and see the best places.

Do you prefer hostels or hotels?:

Hostels have in the past most definitely had a bit of a bad reputation. However, nowadays they are great places for people of all ages who mix perfectly well, but they still may not be the ideal choice for you.

You may prefer to come back to a quiet hotel room at the end of a long day and just relax without feeling like you have to socialise or perhaps be kept up by other people being loud, so check in advance with yourself what kind of environment you prefer to be in will definitely help you in planning your next solo trip.

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