How Safe Is Cambodia When Travelling

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How Safe Is Cambodia When Travelling

So, how many parents sit with a cup of tea and a crumbling biscuit while their children blurt out that there going to be travelling to Cambodia?? Did your biscuit drop into your cuppa with instant worry? Mine did.

We all have to admit to ourselves that our precious child has grown up and flown the nest, it’s normal and its life no matter how much it kills us. But, what about when they pop out with those words of travelling to foreign countries that are that little bit too far to get to if help is needed in a hurry.

Well, there it was, the words every parent dreads unless they’re glad to see the back of them of course. We can’t help but worry when we’re faced with a racing imagination of what can go wrong.

How many what-ifs can we actually mull over in one night?? well, hundreds, although some may say that’s obsessive, I say its an unconditional love that requires worry in the right places.

Its Fine Mum Don’t Worry!

Cambodia, a place where crime has risen considerably in the last decade. A place where accidents happen and people are robbed in broad daylight, druggings, extortion and blackmail all happen where our young loved ones want to roam, why?

We get that’s its pretty with temples to die for and its a once in a lifetime trip for many. The locals in some areas are welcoming but what about the ones that are not and know what to look out for?? Do our youngsters ever consider that, nope, its temples, beauty, adventure and more in the eyes of the young.


So, what does go on in Cambodia deep down beneath the poverty line of hell which covers a huge 20 per cent at just $0.93 a day? I’ll tell you what, where there is poverty there is desperation and where there is desperation there is deviance on every street corner.

Don’t be foolish and think because your from a country where you are safe and sound roaming around at night whilst drinking a few beers with your friends that this will be the same.

Ide say, you’re more likely to end up being dragged down some dark and dirty alleyway where you will be robbed and the rest is history.


Ladies, you need to get your wits about you, stay in at night, be safe, no partying on down at the local pub where your more than likely to be drugged and worse, stay away!!

Cambodia is not your territory. The tourist is looked upon as rich and most who travel there are well of and very inexperienced travellers or party seeking backpackers, they have expensive cameras, nice clothing, pretty handbags all on show, they will take a nice slice of it if they can.


Many tourists are not aware of there surroundings and end up in a compromising situation before they know what hit them. The locals look for this kind of behaviour and act on it, which in turn increases the crime rate considerably.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom in Cambodia. Some of the locals will be welcoming and friendly and try and help you as they are very proud of there country, and why not, it’s beautiful.


The most important thing is safety in some of the main tourist towns like Phnom Penh or the beaches of Sihanoukville, be sensible, don’t treat them like they’re your local neighbourhoods.

Regardless of how safe we think somewhere is, WE ALWAYS make sure WE have travel insurance. If you’re going to Cambodia then you should too! We use – and would highly recommend World Nomads You can even sign up if you’re already on the road.

A Few Pointers

Don’t take that Tuk Tuk that’s been watching you stroll from pub to pub. Don’t go to beach parties and accept drinks from complete strangers. Keep your handbags/bags secure or better, at your hotel. Don’t walk late at night through the streets in the capital area.

Men and woman are being drugged in places such as Sihanoukville, which is very sad and more likely to happen if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings.

I felt I had to write a blog on Cambodia due to what I have heard first hand from people I trust and love. I am sure millions go yearly and survive to tell the tale of there fabulous adventures, which is just great.

But, what about the others? Who doesn’t have such a great experience! I love to travel and wouldn’t deliberately be negative about a place unless I felt there was a real need to be.

Its safety, I love my daughter and feel the worry millions of parents feel when they hear about there kids travelling to unsafe countries. I’m not saying don’t go, I’m saying be so so careful and super aware at all times. It’s not really coming in as safe as Thailand and Malaysia.

Crime is everywhere we go, we can’t get away from it. We all know what the world is like. Cambodia is just one of those places I don’t trust. Our kids need to be safe as they’re now in control of there own lives, they’re not holding our hands anymore!

Be Safe wherever you are, and enjoy your travels! If you would like to leave a comment please feel free to do so 🙂


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