How On Earth Should You Dress Your Child?

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How On Earth Should You Dress Your Child These Days?

The topic we are expressing ourselves about is important to many parents and children. We decided to have a full on investigation into what parents and children thought about what they wear.

This came about when we were away on holiday and we accidentally overheard a small family having a little fall out over what they thought their child should wear out that evening for a meal they had booked.

Today, you have many kinds of fashion statements going on. Whether you like the gothic look or you fancy taking on the chilled out reggae guy look, its all about you, the individual that you are.

Children need to be able to feel happy, confident and full of self-esteem when it comes to how they look. To many youngsters these days take it all a little too seriously, that’s where the realms of bullying can come in at school, it’s mainly due to what kids wear.

It’s important to realize as adults that dressing your child in nice clothing they like is important. We’re not talking about designer brands or the most expensive of threads, but just nice clothing in a good state of repair and of course that is affordable.

We all love the old hand-me-downs, they do work from time to time when you need quick clothing fixes for your kids, but we have had many a conversation with parents regarding identity, often it’s best to help your child gain their own sense of personal identity as they grow older most parents explained, and benefit from newer clothing if possible.

But how on earth should you dress your child in this ever-changing society? Should you be styling them? Well, of course not, comfort, presentation and function are the only things that matter here, not impressing people right?

However, for someone not that into fashion, a parent might have trouble making decisions when walking around the store. Thankfully, this guide is here to help you factor in all the considerations when trying to dress your child, giving you the means to potentially help them feel confident in themselves as they grow.

Things To Consider:

Shoes Are Important

Obviously, the shoes you purchase are important, but not just for style. Functional shoes can help your child’s walking gait, help their feet form as they should when encountering growth spurts, and generally keep them protected.

We spent many hours in the waiting room where opposite our daughter was getting fitted soles for her feet that lacked an arch. This was noticed when she was leaning slightly inward when walking and also was accompanied by joint pain when she ran.

We mention this because it’s not uncommon for parents to use shoes as one of the most frequent forms of hand-me-down between siblings, but this is absolutely inadvisable.

It’s always best to utilize fitted shoes for your child, those with a competent, new sole, arch protection and support for the back of the foot.

Storage When On The Go

It’s important to store your clothing effectively and to give your child the room to do so too. This can help unnecessary creases, stale smells or any other difficulty from occurring when travelling or even when at home. Consider checking for a new kids wardrobe collection at Cuckooland, as it’s important to mix functionality with style, especially in your kid’s bedroom.

Patterns & Fun Clothing Wherever You Are

Children shouldn’t be dressed formally unless attending an event. It’s important to let them have fun with clothing, to feel happy expressing themselves through colour, there’s nothing better than watching your child dance merrily across the beach or living room feeling confident.

To a young boy, a Spiderman shirt can mean the world. While graphic tees and other considerations might not be your favourite form of style for your child, they’re hardly the only thing you’re limited to.

Many niche and vintage kids clothes stores offer many segmented patterns, dungarees, cutesy offerings that seem well presented yet retain that sense of charm. Often, these items are comfortable and functional for them to use, and still, help them express their personality a little.


It’s important for your child’s clothes to be functional. Many pockets can be worthwhile, velcro connectors instead of buttons can be very convenient for them depending on age (especially with the shoes,) and the clothing should sometimes be thick enough to prevent any falls or scrapes from hurting their skin badly. For example, if sending your child to a play pit for a birthday party, shorts and sandals might not be a good idea.

Ensuring your child is protected and functional, and needn’t mess around with any accessories or silliness like that can help them feel comfortable.

…and that’s it. We think when questioned that dressing children is simple and effective if you look and listen to your kid’s feelings as well. We wish you the best in your pursuits and would love to hear if you have any questions regarding this topic!


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