Help Bardinos SOS By Donating Today


Help Bardinos SOS By Donating Today

Bardinos SOS is a charity run rescue centre for Fuerteventura original breed of dog who suffers immensely from very unkind people that do not like that breed of dog, the Bardino.

They also take in any other kind of breed that needs help, love and care. They are based in Tefia, where they have a great setup for the dogs. They have miles of land for them to exercise on daily with a sheltered area where they can relax and wait to be adopted.

They set up this charity 16 months ago now and have re homed 27 dogs in total. They give them 100% love and care, making sure that they are castrated and micro chipped along with all vaccinations before they are re homed. The fee for adoption is a 100 euro which we think is very reasonable indeed.

Dogs are dumped on there grounds daily, left for dead basically. This charity takes time from their daily routines day and night to nurse these poor animals back to good health and then re home them.

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The Bardino dog is a very gentle and loving breed that makes a brilliant family member or either a sole companion. Their temperament is calm, loving and loyal. The breed is a very intelligent one.

It is very difficult to try and understand why anyone would like to harm this fantastic breed or dog, or any dog at all.

The charity solely relies on donations from kind caring people who live on Fuerteventura and other countries.


You can view their Facebook page here Please take a look at these wonderful dogs that have been mistreated in all different ways.

We are proud to say we are adopting a puppy called Karma from a recent abandoning, she is also a Bardino dog and was left with her 6 other siblings in a box by a dustbin to die at only a few weeks old at Christmas.

We are happy and excited to be able to give her a loving home and love her so much.

Please if you can help this great charity to look after their dogs by donating anything you can here, it is very much appreciated and the dogs, if they could, would thank you as well 🙂


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