Cut the rabbit and the chicken into pieces, add water to a large casserole dish, put on the heat and add the meats to boil together with the onion, the full garlic head (not peeled), the bay leaf, a few threads of saffron, salt, approximately 20 peppercorns, and some thyme; when it has boiled for a while remove from the heat to cool down for a while.

When it is cool enough take the meat off the bones and peel the garlic. Keep the stock and save the onions. While this was boiling, add some oil to a frying pan and fry the peppers, cut into pieces then add the tomato sauce and cook a little bit longer to mix all flavour.

Crush in a mortar a few more threads of saffron, the peeled boiled garlic, onion, and the rabbit liver. Some people love liver and some people do not, you can not taste liver in gazpacho at all, so if your not to keen on it do not worry you will be surprised. This type of gazpacho needs liver in it, as it would not be the same without it.

Now add the tomato and peppers mixture, the meats and the mortar mash to a paella dish, mix well and then add the pieces of torta, stir so it soaks into the tomato mixture, add enough stock to cover it all so the torta gets well drenched. Add a little more thyme and let it boil for 5 minutes.

As you have read it is a very easy dish to prepare, with not too many ingredients. Enjoy this truly amazing dish, sat with friends and family, over a nice glass of vino tinto.