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Feta, Tomato and Egg Salad

Feta, Tomato and Egg Salad

When its hot outside and you cannot decide what you want to eat why not opt in for this delightful bowl of goodness.

Light and refreshing, this salad with added sausage which is optional will leave you feeling refreshed with no overhang from heavy foods, plus its really healthy for you.

All you need for this dish is this:

(For one Person)

Half of Tomato

4 Slices of Cucumber

3 Slices of Onion

1 Wedge of Lettuce

4 Slices of Feta

1 Egg Hard Boiled (or slightly soft)

2 Cooked Sausages (optional)

Pepper Sprinkle

Drizzle Salad Dressing/Salad Cream

Well, its plain and simple, anyone can put this dish together. Start by slicing all of the above ingredients, and wash the lettuce.

Arrange them on the plate starting with the lettuce, Feta, then the tomatoes, then the cucumber and all of the onion. Slice the egg (boiled for around 4 mins) and arrange it around the dish.

The sausage (slowly cooked through) can be chopped into small pieces then arrange around the plate, filling all gaps. It’s basically a building block of food. Drizzle over a little salad dressing accompanied with a sprinkle of pepper (optional).

It’s as simple as that. Take it easy to sit back and enjoy your salad, and best of all you don’t have to worry about the calories! 🙂



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