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Feta & Serrano Ham Salad from Travel lobsters

Feta & Serrano Ham Salad

If you’re after something light for lunch, then this is perfect for you. It will not leave you feeling bloated, instead you will feel satisfied and energised for the rest of the day.


1, A good handful of washed Baby Spinach

2, Cucumber chopped into quarters (5 slices)

3, Four Cherry Tomatoes

4, Quarter of a bag of Croutons

5, Serrano Ham (2 Slices)

6, Feta Cheese (3 thick slices)

7, Salt (A Pinch)

8, Pepper (quick sprinkle)

9, Salad Dressing (I use Caesar)

10, One Spring Onion

you can get these products from your local super market, like  Tesco


Scatter your leaves over the plate, place your cucumber and onions on top of the spinach again scattering around so it looks even all over, do the same with your tomatoes. Then grab a few croutons and do the same, your basically layering ingredients over each other, very basic and simple. The Serrano ham then needs to be pulled apart gently and placed in the middle like a nest. Add the feta cheese on top then sprinkle the pepper and salt very lightly over. You can now drizzle over the salad dressing if you want to.


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