Emirates vs Thai Airways When Travelling Long Haul

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Emirates vs Thai Airways When Travelling Long Haul

So, after flying with the usual airlines like EasyJet, Thomas Cook, and Ryanair, we were extremely excited to fly with Emirates and Thai Air when we booked our trip to Bangkok.

We booked our flights through Skyscanner, we have used them many times before when travelling to the Canary Islands and other countries with no glitches at all.

We find their App easy to use with a month by month list of the best dates to fly with the cheapest being highlighted. Why not get the app yourself to save you the hassle of flight searching that can sometimes take days.

When you’re addicted to travel like we are, you read so much about airlines and wonder what is actually true. We think there’s nothing better than trying them out for yourself.

So, off we went to London Gatwick for our very early departure with Emirates. We had never flown long haul before, so this was going to be an experience for sure, especially when you have a fear of flying!! Not the best when you love to travel.

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As we boarded the Emirates A380, we immediately fell in love with the sheer size of it, it has 538 economy seats, rather impressive.

The Emirates crew welcomed each and every one of us with a friendly smile, which is nice as sometimes you can see the strain on some air hostesses faces.

As we made our way to our seat, it felt we were walking for ages, the aircraft went on and on. We finally came to our row of seats which had a great view over the wing.

Straight away, we noticed the size of the seats, we had so much room and leg space not to mention a little TV in front of each of us with headphones.

We could tell it was going to be a comfortable flight, even though one of us hates flying!

Once everyone had boarded, it wasn’t long until the safety demo was carried out and a small introduction from our pilots was complete.

For some reason, at this point, I’m normally clinging to the seat waiting anxiously for the drinks trolley to be brought down the aisle! Weirdly enough, I was calm yet excited to begin our journey to Dubai, with a pit stop of two hours.

Once takeoff was underway, the service was constant. First, we all had blankets and a small pillow given to us, which is personally a favorite, we all love a snuggly blankie and a headrest, right? then we were offered drinks and a small breakfast snack.

The aircrew was extremely helpful, they were all organised and ready to help anyone that needed it, especially mothers with young kiddies, not always an easy one to deal with when flying.

The TV had numerous films for adults and kids, with a music channel if you fancied a little soothing music whilst flying. You can’t really get bored at all, just plug in your headphones and enjoy! We also had access to WI-FI, which was a bonus.

Economy Class lavatories are located throughout the cabin and offer many facilities for all travellers, so, not to worry, hand lotion for dry hands is on tap.

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It was seven hours to Dubai Airport, so we would be having a lunch meal as well. The meals are tasty and plentiful, and with the lack of movement whilst flying you really do store it all up, which can make you feel a little bloated after a while!

The meal consisted of chicken, peas, carrots, and rice with a sauce. At the side was a tub of water, butter, a bread roll, and raisins with crumble & custard for dessert.

The water cartons are very small, that’s my only grumble regarding the drinks service. As, we all know when we fly we become really dehydrated and even though we can ask for many more cartons, you kinda feel a little greedy after five of them!

So, grab your water from the airport it comes in handy, especially when travelling with kids, you know what its like, you get yourself one, and they all want one!

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There is lots of room to get up and have a wander if your legs start to feel a little numb from sitting down so long, remember your flight socks for circulation guys!!

I remember walking over to the spiral stairs that take you up to first class! I would love to try that one out for sure one day.

Our journey with Emirates was fab, we loved it, we couldn’t fault the service, the food or the comfort. Upon arrival in Dubai, we quickly found our way over to the departure lounge to be greeted by Thai Airways, our next carrier to Bangkok.

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The airport in Dubai is sparkly clean. Its really beautiful, shops and restaurants are all ready to serve you no matter what time it is. We had a small snack before boarding, it’s a little expensive but hey, you’re on holiday!

When boarding the Thai Airways Aircraft we noticed a slight difference in size, they have 435 economy seats, still, lots of space to manoeuvre. They again provide pillows and a blanket, and also eyeshades and earplugs can be asked for.

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We made ourselves comfortable within a few minutes. Our seat was again over the wing, we love a good view.

Not long after all safety and intros and a quick hello from the pilot, we were up in the air. The aircraft was slightly noisier but who cares.

Straight away the service began. Smilie Thai aircrew were all busy making sure we were happy. They provided us with hot and cold drinks from the onset, which was a little larger than Emirates.

Each Economy Class hot meal offers a choice of main course and is accompanied by fresh salad, bread, and fresh fruit or a dessert, we were happy with that.

Economy Class lavatories are located throughout the cabin and offer ample facilities for everyone. Again, clean with all you need to keep fresh whilst travelling.

If your one for checking social media or emails then your also in luck, as WiFi is present onboard.

Tv again, as they were on Emirates, lots of channels and music to pass your time. The seats are also very roomy, the convenience of this is great when travelling with young ones who like to spread out a little.

We also advise when going long haul having a small walk around helps to get the circulation going, we find flight socks help massively when travelling, they may not be attractive but hey, who really cares, comfort and safety comes first, right?

The aircrew on Thai Airways seemed a little more rushed when serving food than they did on Emirates, like `there you go, enjoy`!! Hmmm, to rushed is never good, not when it’s about customer service experience. That was the only downfall on Thai Airways for us.

Both aircraft were extremely similar. They have everything in place to give good customer attention, great food and also very helpful when we asked a few questions regarding the plane in general.

They both treat children with respect and knew how to deal with any difficult ones, it’s not always straightforward with 3/4-year-olds when flying, so hats off to them.

On landing in Bangkok we said our farewells to our cosy carrier and off we went, to explore Thailand, well a small part of it anyway!

So, between the two aircrafts, our favorite was Emirates. We really enjoyed it from start to finish. Even with a fear of flying, hands down, it really wasn’t much of an issue.

The aircraft was smooth, sleek and relaxing, we hardly felt the take-off or the landing.

If your thinking of going long haul, then get yourself booked on with Emirates, a truly fantastic airline that offers it all.

See you again soon Emirates 🙂













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    Great review of two very good airlines! I have to agree Emirates is so good, fabulous service every time I fly with them!

    Louise Grace

    1. Avatar

      Hello Louise,

      Thank you for your kind comments!Yes, Emirates are brilliant 🙂

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