Amazing Corralejo Kite Festival

kites on beach

Amazing Corralejo Kite Festival

We had heard of the kite festival that goes on in November but had never actually seen it for ourselves. So, off we went to discover what it was all about. As we drove around the windy roads past all the glorious sand dunes, we saw a sky full of all the colours of a rainbow, it looked beautiful.

We managed to park up fairly easy along the side of the road on a sandy area, it’s really busy so we recommend getting there early. The event each year is held on Playa De Burro beach just before you drive past the Riu hotel, you really can’t miss it with the number of kites in the sky.

twirly kite

Corralejo has been running this festival since 1987 with this one being the 31st edition, amazing right? It holds the event on the weekend that’s closest to the 8th of November and lasts for a whole three days, so you have ample opportunity to view it all!

The love of kite flying started 30 years ago when the locals enjoyed a brief meeting on the beach whilst flying their kites. It has over the years turned into something quite spectacular, bringing fun, interest, and a popular hobby to life where everyone can join in and have a fab time.

kits in dunes

People come to this festival from all around the world. The locals love it, they have new entries every year, making it bigger and better. The event normally starts on a Friday, where everyone and anyone can get down there and fly their kites.

You don’t have to be a pro to join in on the fun, this festival is for all ages. The kids love the fact they can join in with the adults, which makes it a perfect family event.

You will love the variety of kites in the sky, every bit of imagination goes into it. They have cartoon characters, flying squids, huge teddy bears, it’s simply amazing to watch the skies come alive with everybody’s hard work and effort.

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Schools also get involved, during the first day of the festival kite sessions for school children are held. Later on then in the afternoon, they have an exhibition of static and acrobatic kites, undertaken by professionals from different European countries.

The second day you will see a kite exhibition of shape and colour, we definitely saw a fair few shapes like no other including witches on brooms!

In the afternoon they run an animation for all children and then ending the second day with a “Rokakus” kite combat” air competition between the kites participating where only the strongest kite will win.

kites on dunes picture

Fuerte Goat Kite

On the last day the kites are flown over the golden sands again, then into the afternoon, animation for all children present which then leads into a closing prize giving ceremony to all kite participants. Its a real full event, three days of fun, beautiful kites in amazing natural surroundings, what more could you want?

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