Ajuy Caves Fuerteventura

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Ajuy Caves Fuerteventura

Ajuy caves in Fuerteventura are perfect for a day of exploration. We had heard quite a lot about them so, we decided to check them out for ourselves.

We drove from Caleta de Fuste to Ajuy, in all it took us about 45 minutes, which we thought wasn’t too bad as seeing as we had beautiful scenery along the way to admire.

Before setting off we made sure we had plenty of water, it can get extremely hot in small villages, although by the sea your more than likely to get a good waft of wind.

We also made a packed lunch, climbing and exploring can work up an appetite. There are quaint Spanish and English restaurants there if you want to indulge in some Tapas or kiddies nuggets and chips.

The roads to Ajuy are very quiet. We love this, as there’s nothing worse than being rushed on the road whilst taking it all in.

We loved how you can look into the distance and see a small house perched on top of an enormous hill, it makes you wonder who has the right idea when it comes to deciding where to live, they obviously love the peaceful tranquility that surrounds them with nothing but a high flying eagle searching for its next meal.

When we arrived we parked in the large car park that is on your left on entering the town. From the first glimpse, you know it’s going to be a good adventure.

With all snacks and drinks in our backpacks, off we went. Its a short walk across the beach to get to the walkway that takes you up and around to the next path.

Caves Blog

Caves Blog

I would have a read of the sign for your own safety. Its advisable to wear trainers not sandals as I did! I can’t resist my sparkly sandals, my mum bought me, I just love them. There is a bit of climbing up and down, through the giant rocks that fell into place 100s of years ago.

The walkway does have barriers but if small children are present keep an eye out its easy to slip and fall through, and for any older adventurers take your time, as there are a good few steps, go slow and take in the views with a flask and a butty (as my mum would say).

Caves Blog

Once you do get to the top you can see right over to the other caves that are more accessible by boat. Which was a shame as I was kinda hoping I could walk round to them, I can’t help myself when adventuring.

As we went up and around we came to the first cave. We went down around 40 steps maybe 50 to get into the cave, again take your time it’s very steep.

I was amazed at how far you can see inside and get down to walk right into them. A few hops, skips and jumps later we were all down inside the cave. Its quite busy believe it or not so be patient when passing on steps.

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The sheer size of the rocks is amazing. It’s a moment to stand and think about what it would have been like 100s of years ago when ships used to use the area for loading and unloading of goods.

It’s kinda dark when you adventure into the back of the cave so maybe use a torch on your mobile, the rocks are all uneven as well so care is needed, they’re very sharp.

The second cave is right next door to the first one, you need to climb over a built-up rocky area to get to it.

On entry its bigger than the first one. It’s deeper and darker. Grab a few snapshots looking out from the cave, the light really does grab a good pic.

As you venture further in, you will be in complete darkness and surrounded by a very strong smell of urine, hmm not too pleasant, as the tide does not come that far in to wash it away, so, if you need the loo go beforehand to save adding to it.

Caves Blog

Caves Blog

After exploring the caves there are areas where you can take pictures, your probably a good 20ft from sea level.

Have a wander around, you will see the love locks and other materials hanging on a metal fence, that fills in a hole in the wall.

The views are spectacular, there’s also an area that looks as though a cannon and a stone seat would have been there years ago for whoever was ruling the land? pirates? fisherman? or maybe we got lost in our imagination along the way!

Caves Blog

Either way, it was a great day out, we recommend a visit for sure. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Please subscribe to our mailing list, we will update you every month on our adventures, plus Travel & Lifestyle news 🙂

View our quick video of the caves at Ajuy!






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