Hello to all you travel lovers,

Here, we give a little insight into who we are, what we love and where we are heading with our Travel Blog.

Im Angela, the Head Lobster, someone who has loved traveling since i went to Fuerteventura when i was 16. I was blown away by the blissful beaches, crystal clear waters and the Spanish way of life!

Since then i have constantly had itchy feet! I love to wander, what can i say, Im hooked. I am a seeker, and a keen adventurer who will continue to travel until my feet can no longer carry me.

I also love to be able to share the worldly experiences with my children when we travel. I believe there is nothing better and richer than a child that is well educated on travel and the world around them. Its a big world out there, they need to see it, feel it and take on parts of it bit by bit until one day there old enough to carry on the adventure by themselves.

Before we travel we decide as a family where to go next, It doesnt take long normally, were tottally drawn in by any country any culture and also, sheer excitement to explore the unknown.

We travel with our son who is now 13, he is as crazy as us when it comes to traveling. The look on his face when we say “get packing, were off again” is one to capture, pure excitement!

Above: warm waters of the Anderman Ocean, Thailand.

When we travel we interact as much as possible with the locals, we are open to trying new foods and also checking out the history and cultural experiences to the max. We believe theres no point in traveling if your not going to indulge in every single part of the experience.

We also like to give informative and helpful insights when traveling in these locations through our blog. We can provide help, tips and tricks and insights into Hotels, B&B’s, the best beaches, car hire, excursions, flights and places to eat and drink.

I also have an ebook that may be of interest to anyone who values there skin. I am a fully qualified Beautician, and i know how bad the sun is for your skin when traveling. So, if your like me and want to keep that skin in fine fettle and travel, you can download it free when you sign up to our newsletter!

We have many photos and videos for you to look through from all of our travels and adventures so far. These can be found through our website and also on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, be sure to give us a follow as well, we love to be able to connect!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all, were here to help

Email us at: contact@travellobsters.com

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