Affordable Luxury Maldives Holidays

Before booking your air tickets to the Maldives, do read our 6 Important Tips to Know When Planning Maldives Trip. The article highlights some important factors you must know to avoid getting shocked over hidden fees for your holiday.

This guide is about planning an affordable luxury getaway in the Maldives. Since the Maldives is famous for a romantic retreat, everyone should have a chance to experience it…

1. How Many Days in the Maldives

In our opinion 3 to 7 days is recommended for a Maldives holiday for an average couple, 3 days for one hotel or 7 days for 2 hotels. Any more you might be bored easily.

From Malaysia & Singapore, budget airlines AirAsia & Tigerair flies direct to Male, Maldives.

Very Important: If you’re arriving late afternoon after 3.30 pm or flying out early morning, you might require to overnight in Male if there is no more seaplane or speedboat transfer, do check with your hotel.

Note : AirAsia flight will arrive at 8 pm at night, therefore, you will need to stay overnight in Male. So do plan 5 days and not 3 days if taking AirAsia.

Airline Ticket Budget: RM500 / SGD300

2. Airport & Hotel Transfer

Most room rates do not include airport & hotel transfer and it can be very expensive. Always check how much the transfer is before deciding which hotel to stay.

Note: USD is the main currency of payment although they do have their national currency.

3. Which Hotel to Stay?

There are 2 types of islands in the Maldives – private & residential. Private islands are where most private hotels are located while residential islands are islands with local residents.

Residential islands tend to be dirtier and no alcohol, are allowed. The lodges are mostly converted residential housing & you will mostly need to arrange sightseeing trips when staying in residential islands.

4. What is Half Board, Full Board & All Inclusive

Most hotels are located on their own private island hence there is not much dining option than to dine at your own hotel. Dining can be expensive in the Maldives as with limited choice. Depending on the hotel rates, you do see these 3 terms – Half Board, Full Board & All Inclusive.

Half Board – The room rate includes Breakfast & Dinner

Full Board – The room rate includes Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

All Inclusive – The room rate includes Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner + Beverages (It might be all day dining & beverages as well.

5. How much to budget for Food

If your room rate is without meals, you will need to allocate budget for meals. Depending on hotels, the rate differs. You should be able to request for their menu price.

However, it is always a good idea to bring more money for extra food and activities, you can then have peace of mind on your luxurious getaway.

As this is just a rough guide for an affordable luxury getaway, feel free to browse other luxury hotels with water bungalow rooms to make it a truly luxurious vacation. There is so many to choose from, you truly are spoilt here in the Maldives.

6. Water Lovers Adventures

The Maldives offers a lot of adventurous kicks for tourists. Most interesting of them being water sports, loved by swimmers and non- swimmers alike. And this is why these sports draw adventure-lovers in big numbers. If this is your calling too, it’s time to pack your bags and head straight to the Maldives.


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