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why not try what the locals drink instead? Tinto Verano

young man with a glass of spanish sangria

Tinto Verano

Instead of plumping for the holidaymakers’ favourite, sangria… why not try what the
locals drink instead?

As soon as that hot sun appears in Spain, you’ll need something refreshing to drink…
something a little lighter than your usual tipple. Tinto verano is perfect!

Tinto de verano translates to “summer wine”, and it was first introduced to Elle in
Lanzarote at a BBQ. Oddly enough, not by a Spanish person… but an English exorcist
(yes really!) called Rob. It’s a favourite of hers… but for some reason their Spanish
hosts think it hilarious to serve it in bucket sized glasses!

  • Equal amounts of red wine and lemonade (Elle actually prefers it made with a lemon/lime fizzy
  • mix or with “gaseosa”, a fizzy lemon drink found in Spain)
  • A dash of vermouth (such as Martini Rosso)
  • Plenty of ice
  • Lemon slices
  • Straw
  • Cocktail brolly
  • Sparklers
  • Paper decorations
  • Ok… you don’t need the last 4… but it’s nice to dress up a drink as special as this


Well.. just put them all in the same glass and enjoy! Nice through a straw whilst
watching the world go by outside your favourite bar.


This recipe comes from Elle Draper, the owner of the Spain Buddy website. Elle has a
book filled with 125 seriously easy Spanish recipes that anyone can recreate at home.
The book was inspired by the amazing range of ingredients in Spain. Some recipes are
authentic, while others are drawn from their many years here. All are designed to bring
a taste of Spain to your kitchen at home

written by Elle Draper from Spain Buddy


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