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11 Useful Tips when Visiting a Tropical Country

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11 Useful Tips when Visiting a Tropical Country

When we’re far from home, we can sometimes encounter a few hiccups. I am going to give you a few pointers on how to fix them!


First and foremost in my bag of tricks.

Talc has incredible drying properties. When you want to dry off but there’s too much moisture in the air or after a shower when you just can’t get all the spots dry before pulling on your shorts, bring out the baby powder. It goes in all the places you’d expect, under your arms, under your breasts, lower back and every place else you can think of (yes, you know where I mean). Not only does it get rid of extra moisture, but it also has a pleasant, fresh scent.

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Trusty Flip Flops

This may seem obvious, but many people feel the need to travel with a variety of shoes. Flip flops are the norm worldwide in the tropics and go with any outfit you’ll want during a day of cruising around town or heading to the beach. They are virtually indestructible and easily replaced in any local shop for a few Bahts.


A sundress that doubles as a beach cover-up

I have a couple of loose throw over sundresses that hit the suitcase every time I hit the road to the tropics. This keeps me ready for anything.

Most sundresses are appropriate to wear in almost any country and are versatile. Throw on a bathing suit and toss the dress over the top. Now you’re ready for an unexpected quick stop for a swim on a sweltering day. After cooling off, toss on the dress and pull off your wetsuit from underneath (a variation on the surfer’s change).

Grab a pair of panties from your bag (or not, it’s up to you!) and you’re ready for the beach bar, an evening out or a shopping spree in the local market. Don’t forget the travel size baby powder you can discreetly use after you change!

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The Little Black One

The little black dress goes anywhere and is a perfect way to stay (when out of the sun that is) cool but look dressy in the tropics. It’s as versatile for the beach bar at happy hour or the five-star resort restaurants and can be worn with your flip-flops or those little sparkly heels you couldn’t resist bringing. I never leave home without one!



Bring along Imodium or Pepto Bismol.

Or whatever your digestive aid of choice is. Just trust me. While your resort might be super-careful with their food and water, promising that everything is safe to eat, your digestive system may not agree.

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Do not assume WiFi is free. We luckily did know ahead of time not to expect WiFi to be like in hotels here where it’s just expected. The cost can vary, check with the people you’re travelling with and you may be able to share the cost. In our case, as long as only one device was using the internet at a time, you could share the username and password.





Plastic Phone Bag

Put your Phone in a plastic sandwich baggie when you go to the beach. The touchscreen still works through the plastic, so you can use your phone without ruining it in sand and water.

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Lotions and Potions

Forgot aloe vera? Use yoghurt, Put plain cold yoghurt on a sunburn for about 10 minutes, this will relieve the pain if you’re in a pinch.

Beach Towels

Sew pockets onto your beach towel, you can keep stuff in there AND weigh the towel down.



It’s All About Hair

Make a coconut spray to keep your hair frizz-free and hydrated. Mix coconut oil with lavender oil and water, and put it in a spray bottle to bring to the beach. Spray it on your wet hair to keep it looking fabulous.

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Heavenly Feet

Keep your feet looking great with Vaseline or lotion, before you go to sleep apply and then wear socks. The heat during the day will dry them out whilst flipping around in Flip-flops, which will lead to sore cracked heels.

And last but not least HAVE A FAB HOLIDAY!!


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